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lief ik vind je Store all information and BIM models. Organize your development process, maintenance and support.

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Students Come & Go

dier dood gedicht This online service is intended for the registration of international students on the educational offer of, for example, the AUAS.

StudentsComeAndGo also facilitates the entire process handling of Dutch students who go abroad.

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amerikaanse tv netwerken For 30 years our core activity has been software development, now mainly with Java (Spring MVC). We have a lot of experience with the development of complex information systems.

hoe pas ik een bestand aan naar jpg In the projects that we develop, we use Open Source software tools as much as possible. As a result, clients have plenty of room to expand applications. Spring MVC has the great advantage that the applications always fit into the customer's infrastructure. You can choose for each operating system and a large number of databases. IRP ensures that customers can access their own data anytime and anywhere.

vogels kopen oss We increasingly offer our applications as an online service, because we completely unburden our customers and we are able to quickly add new functionalities.

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noord zuidlijn naar schiphol We build all larger web applications with Spring MVC (Java) and use the Spring security framework. This framework is very robust and is used by thousands of companies and financial institutions.

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sai tv app We ensure that you keep control of all information flows We do this by making information (very) quickly searchable and the development of dashboards with relevant management information.

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medicijn gistinfectie huid We believe that our web applications should be used on every device. And also have to fit in every infrastructure, which is why we prefer to build with Spring MVC (Java framework). We also have experience with PHP. NET and other languages (C #, Python).

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hond naar uk There are many books written about usability; usability. In our view, it is especially important to listen carefully to users. The most important starting point for us is that the web application must always be available. And is fast!

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check losse euroloten We can keep this topic short: web applications simply have to do it all the time. IRP has built and managed numerous applications that simply should never fail. We also provide for this by offering fully synchronized systems.

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boeken zonder boekingskosten Besides conventional relational databases (MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2, etc.), we also have more and more experience with object databases (MongoDB) and full-text databases, such as Sphinx.

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tara sabirova 1080 IRP has extensive experience with (advising on) Web Content Management systems (CMS) and has been involved in the implementation of many dozens of (enterprise) CMS, mostly in combination with portal integration.


Good security is not something to take care of in the final stages application development, but an important starting point.

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organisatie immuuntherapie kanker the education sector

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sandra de vries real estate and maintainance

machine gun bunker sale, rental, renovation, condition measurement, HOA management and BIM; with an integrated financial package

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overeind blijven engels Store all information and BIM models. Organize your development process, maintenance and support

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